In case you hadn't noticed, lawyers like to talk. Our lawyers also love helping people one-on-one. Pick up the phone and get your legal questions answered right now in real time with a real person. Really.

Unlike dad with the Christmas tree seller, we're not all confident in our negotiating abilities. And when the negotiation stakes are high, such as with your opponent in a case, LegalYou is here to show you how to take control

Like Gene Hackman in "Hoosiers," we can coach you through the whole process of taking a deposition from a witness or your opponent, including what areas to explore.

Are you the one being questioned? Relax. LegalYou will help you prepare for every aspect of testifying outside the courtroom. Our attorneys will show you how to answer questions and how to navigate the process with confidence.

Court battles can cost boatloads of time and money. Mediation can eliminate all that. But what is mediation? How does it work? LegalYou has the answers, as well as your key to a favorable outcome. Double awesome!

Okay, so you're not Perry Mason. So what? He was made-up anyway. You're real and you're spectacular and you can accomplish anything in the courtroom, be it at a hearing or a trial. All you need is a little LegalYou on your side.

The devil is in the details. Not literally, of course (yikes!). But when it comes to loan modification, every iota needs to be analyzed. Or else important rights might be lost once you sign on that dotted line. Have us review the document for devils or any other unwelcome minutiae.

Forms need to be completed and pleadings need to be drafted, among other things. We can assist you. We're good at assisting.

Let us take the key depositions in your case or to go with you when you are being deposed.

When you don't want to go it alone, we'll be there to make sure your interests are protected.

Whether you aren't local or just want greater peace of mind during a key hearing like summary judgment, our experienced attorneys can handle it for you.

You're comfortable with preparing your case, but not with the trial itself? Our experienced trial attorneys can step in and do just that part of it for you.

Not everyone has the gift of gab. Our experienced appellate attorneys will be happy to explain the nuances of your case to the panel of judges.

If you are someone who believes that a fifty page document should not be called a "brief," our team of researchers and wordsmiths is what you are looking for.

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