LegalYou uses comprehensible and engaging methods to help you digest the complexities of the law. We're like antacid for court.

Our online campus with access to multimedia, illustrations, references, an irreverent glossary and useful information.

A slew of brief, fun animated videos designed to teach you everything about court. In between your chuckling.

A mind at play is an absorbent one. Finally, interactive games that have actual real world value!

Everything you need to help get through it.

Bereavement is never easy. But we can help make the resulting legal matters seamless.

Step-by-step guide to how your civil court case will wind through the system.

Whichever side you're on, we've got your support right here.

Sometimes physically recovering is only half the battle. The other is justice.

Your home is your castle. Defend it.

It's not often you get a second chance in life.

Your comprehensive resource for anything workplace-related.

When a child or an adult needs that trustworthy someone.

When you can't agree to agree.

Give yourself credit for learning your options.

Growing your family through adoption can be exciting, but the legal process can be a complicated maze.

Creativity and innovation need protection.

Knowledge ain't cheap.

Legal know-how is your trump card to successful immigration.

Good fences make good neighbors. Good knowledge makes good litigants.

Nothing is more important than family, especially when the family doesn't live under one roof.

Big companies are always trying to pull an "Enron" around consumer protection laws.

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