Welcome to the LegalU campus. We might not have ultimate frisbee or a cafeteria. But we do have the most entertaining law curriculum this side of the internet. And the other side of the internet.

What do you get when you cross humor, whimsical animation, chummy voice-over and the law? A legal masterclass, of course.

Bite-size but filling confections of visual data on a wide range of legal subjects.

Think you need Alan Turing to decode legalese? Nope. Just click here.

No, not tighty whiteys. These persuade an appellate court to favor one way or the other. Here lies a vast library of these briefs, most  written by our very own LegalYou appellate scribes. So you know they're good.


Step-by-step, illustrated explanations of the mechanics of court.

Illustrated Rules of Civil Procedure 

Illustrated Family Law Rules of Procedure

Whether you are questioning a witness or answering such questions yourself, the handling of a deposition interrogation can be more of an art than a science. Explore these real-life examples of depositions in consumer cases.

Here's a paper route that doesn't leave it in your front yard bushes.

LegalYou wants what's best for you. So we compiled a list of helpful stuff that isn't us.

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