Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is this LegalYou thingamajig?

We're glad you asked! LegalYou is an online legal resource run by lawyers but intended for the people, especially those embracing independence in court. The website features educational tools for the law, multimedia, and games.

What differentiates LegalYou from other legal websites such as LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer and Avvo?

Those other websites are run by non-lawyer companies, which means they can't give direct legal advice and representation. Not to mention the attorney matching services these websites provide are really no better than the Yellow Pages. LegalYou, on the other hand, was dreamed up, created and is directly run by practicing lawyers with decades of experience. They offer that knowledge to you for free. You can see their bios here.

How does LegalYou plan on teaching the average person complex legal concepts and ideas?

Humor. Fun. Creativity. Everyday lingo. Relatable anecdotes and examples. Engagement through entertaining multimedia and games. Distillation of high-falutin legalese into easy-to-understand language. We believe the law belongs to people and that means talking about it like the people would. Something long overdue.

Why isn't LegalYou a fan of terms like "representing yourself" or "pro se" when referring to people going to court without a lawyer?

One of the biggest obstacles when addressing the access-to-justice problem is the idea that the workings of the law are reserved only for those who are "qualified" and that a person needs representation to find optimal success in court. A term like "representing yourself" is, aside from being illogical, an implication that going to court unrepresented should be some kind of secondary option. It shouldn't. And "pro se" is yet another antiquated Latin phrase that adds to the alienation of those who didn't trudge through law school. Instead, LegalYou prefers the term 'independent,' or better yet, 'indie.' Short, straightforward, accurate and empowering. Putting the law in the hands of the people starts with shattering outdated notions and using terminology that, dare we say, makes sense.

What if I have a legal question/concern/problem that doesn't involve Florida law?

Not to worry. Despite LegalYou's specific legal representation (currently) dealing only with Florida and federal law, the team behind LegalYou are always available to anyone from any part of the country to chat. We will make every effort to help you any way we can (within the limits of our state bar licenses, of course), be you from Spokane or Silver Springs, Rochester or Reno, Flint or Fort Worth (and so on). Not to mention, of course, that LegalYou's educational resources, multimedia and games are open to everyone with an internet connection and a web browser.

Who are these folks behind LegalYou anyway?

Legal folks, of course. They work at a giant-killing, people-first, virtual law firm called Ice Legal, founded by a big law refugee who saw the light: Thomas Erskine Ice (the innovator behind this very website). Ice Legal is a full-service litigation firm combining top-notch legal knowledge with a dedicated, personalized commitment to clients. They bring that same ethos to LegalYou, along with a wide-range of firsthand legal experience running the gamut of law. Want to find out more about these heroes of independent litigation? Of course you do. Because they're super interesting. And their bios are just right here.